Drug Tolerance Testing and Why You Should Not Use Online Report Readers

One of my promises to myself is to raise awareness of drug tolerance testing.

I have freely shared my story on national television, which was that I developed mast-cell activation, in response to an adverse drug reaction to prescription medication. A simple $149 drug tolerance test called DNA Dose correctly diagnosed me.

That is why I am passionate about drug tolerance testing. But this is why it may be important for you.

Adverse drug reactions are extremely common with histamine issues. Some scientists believe that mast-cell issues can be linked to de-railed drug receptors.

Only around 50% of all people have a ‘normal’ response to medication and supplements. Around 40% need a dose adjustment, and around 10% are poor metabolisers (who cannot metabolise the medication and supplements), and around 10% are rapid metabolisers and (cannot absorb the medication and supplements).

This means that medication needs to not only be right for you but in the right dose. If it is not it means that the medication will not work, or worse can be toxic and cause epigenetic damage.

One of my current frustrations is that online report readers alone are being used by many to incorrectly self diagnose themselves.

Here are the results of a popular online report reader and the drug tolerance test for CYP2D6 for two of my clients to demonstrate the value of a drug tolerance test and why you should not use online report readers to self-diagnose drug tolerance.

Example 1: Drug Tolerance Tests

CYP2d6 online report

And here are the results of the actual drug tolerance test.

drug tolerance test

Example 2: Drug Tolerance Tests

And here is another person’s results from a popular online report reader.

Drug Tolerance Test

And here are their results from their drug tolerance test.

drug tolerance test

Why You Should Not Use Online Report Readers To Determine Drug Tolerance

These examples show that online report readers cannot tell you about drug tolerance and the reason is:

23andMe is not collecting, and therefore online report readers are not reporting, data on CYP2D6. CYP2D6 accounts for around 30% of all medications (and many supplements).

Not all CYP2D6 snps affect the gene function. This means that just because a SNP is abnormal does not mean it is relevant. The first example clearly demonstrates that the abnormal snps in common online report readers actually did not affect gene function.

There are around 295 snps in the CYP2D6 family. Only a handful are collected and the second example clearly demonstrates that the snps in common online report readers do not explain the overall function of the gene. I have also expressly confirmed with Professor Les Sheffield at DNA Dose that the CYp2D6 snps in common online report readers are inconsequential to the overall function of CYP2D6.

The CYp2C9, and CYp2C19, data is collected by 23andMe, but online report readers do not interpret this data by providing the overall degree of function of the gene. It is the overall degree of function that is important. You need the degree of function in order to know what dose of medication or supplements is right for you. Too little and it will be ineffective. Too high and it will be toxic.

Within Australia the cost of the test is $149 and you can order it online yourself. So please; get the test! Drug tolerance testing is also available in other countries (and in America can be available via insurance).

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What if this was about the liver?

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