Glutathione: A List of the Most Potent Inhibiting and Inducing Anti-oxidant Foods and Bioactives

July 2, 2015  |  Blog, Drug Intolerance

This post on glutathione: a list of the most potent inhibiting and inducing anti-oxidant foods and bioactives, is a companion to CYP450 Enzymes: A Complete List of the Most Potent Inhibiting and Inducing Foods and Bioactives.

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know that glutathione is to me what turmeric or quercetin is to others. I can literally feel a dramatic difference in my health and wellbeing.

Whilst it has become abundantly clear to me that the trigger of my mast cell activation was CYP450 mutations (a Phase 1 Liver issue) and prescription medication (which resulted in a toxic shock due to the CYP450 mutation), it is also abundantly clear to me that my body laps up glutathione and anti-oxidants.

Why? Because glutathione and anti-oxidants are critical to detoxification.

Glutathione regulate the toxins as they pass from phase I to phase II of processing in the liver. Glutathione is also an important phase II pathway, and thought to process around 60% of all toxins in itself.

Glutathione as a master anti-oxidant also regulates anti-oxidants. Nrf2 enzymes are also important to anti-oxidant levels and work symbiotically with glutathione.

Glutathione and Anti-oxidant Rich Foods

Specific foods have been scientifically proven to influence our detoxification pathways and in particular to build glutathione and anti-oxidant defences.

As outlined in my CYP450 enzyme and inhibitor post the issue is not whether we should eat or not eat certain wholefoods. Rather, current thinking is that we should eat a broad range of plant based whole foods, in a broad synergistic combination to aid detoxification.

If you want to know what foods have been scientifically proven to assist in building your glutathione and anti-oxidant defences then you can download my free guide: Glutathione: a list of the most potent inhibiting and inducing anti-oxidant foods and bioactives.

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This download also includes supplementation. Personally, I have had tremendous success, through targeted supplementation.

Supplementation should always be undertaken in conjunction with a health professional taking into account your own bio-individual situation.

The bottom line, is that if you have CYP450 mutations, removing medications and supplements processed by those enzymes, will remove a toxic load on the liver, and raising your glutathione and anti-oxidants will prevent symptoms.  It will support your liver to detoxify. Its that simple.

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  • Philip Clax

    Hi Alison, I had amalgam fillings removed and to detoxify mercury from my system. I’m confused about glytathione: some recommend it to open the detox pathways, and others say to avoid sulfur based products (glutathione is sulfur based I believe?) Do you have any info on this?