The Gut Bacteria Diversity Test

July 4, 2017  |  Blog, Histamine Intolerance

Gut bacteria diversity is one of the key drivers of health.

The American Gut Project, and the Twins UK project, found that building diversity had a comparable effect to taking medication, and low diversity to disease. It’s that important.

Within the functional health community, there is a lot of focus on killing pathogens, viruses, and other bad guys. Many functional tests are aimed at identifying them – such as the Gi-Map™  test.

However, less emphasis has been placed on rebuilding or maintaining gut bacteria diversity – which the Ubiome Explorer or Viome Test measures.

In my experience, you need both, otherwise, health is never quite restored. You are either busy shoveling the water out or busy trying to plug the holes in a leaky gut and biome.

I have started using Ubiome Explorer test to monitor bacterial health over time.

From one sample, you get a comprehensive breakdown of your microbiome, how it’s functioning, and how it is changing over time in response to diet or antibiotics.

Just some of the useful information is:

low histamine probiotic

The gut bacteria diversity – this is in the lowest 8% of samples! A diet diverse in low histamine foods can increase gut bacteria diversity.

Gut biome

A detailed listing of bacteria in the sample is provided

Low histamine probiotic

The bacterial listing is compared with those in a wide range of functional foods and commercial probiotics to determine which would be beneficial.

Gut Bacteria

 Ubiome Explorer also estimates how effective your microbiome is at a variety of crucial functions including degradation of foods.


If nothing else, it is a quick reliable method for assessing how changes in diet can have a significant impact on gut bacteria diversity over time. ‘

Is the probiotic colonizing? Do I need that probiotic? Do I have enough fiber, polyphenols, and other gut-friendly foods in my diet? These are all questions that Ubiome Explorer can answer.

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