Histamine Intolerance Infographic

This is a histamine intolerance infographic was prepared from Maintz and Novak’s research paper on Histamine Intolerance. 

Maintz and Novak’s work is amongst the most cited research on histamine intolerance.

The Maintz and Novak research was published in 2007 and whilst seminal much more research has been undertaken since that date.

Nevertheless, it remains a good place to start to understand histamine intolerance.


One of the key takeaways from this histamine intolerance infographic is that histamine intolerance can best be thought of as a symptom of many underlying issues.

Also, histamine intolerance has many faces and many causes. What might be happening for you might not be happening for someone else.

Nevertheless, this remains a good place to start.


histamine intolerance


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