I Quit Sugar (Sort Of): A Review of the IQS 8 Week Program

November 1, 2013  |  Blog

A new celebrity diet plan, The I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program , has polarised nutrition experts by banning fruit. Fruit is judged by the 8-week program to be “not nutritionally dense” so eliminated. So is fruit really junk food now?

Sarah Wilson is a health coach, who has tried and tested the 8-week program. She concluded that quitting fruit was only crucial whilst detoxing from other sugar and that could then be reintroduced.

Before the 8-week program, Sarah ate a healthy, whole food diet, or so she thought. Her diet included fruit, but also chocolate, ice-cream, and health food treats, that had inconspicuously crept into her daily diet.

Sarah said that the 8-week program made her realise the bitter truth of just how much sugar she was mindlessly eating. She said, “I was not so savvy as to how much sweeteners are in so called health food treats so that it is sweetened with agarve, dates or a combination of both it is still a lot of sugar.”

Around week 4, Sarah had a break-down moment. Tired and stressed Sarah surrendered to a bowl of ice-cream. But instead of the usual sweet soothing taste she found the ice-cream shockingly sickly sweet. She said “in a way it was a good thing, as I felt instantaneous, that if I ate the whole bowl of ice-cream I would feel like rubbish.”

After the program, Sarah’s said her pallet was re-calibrated. Those afternoon artificially sweet treats were no longer crowding out the naturally sweet taste of whole foods. She found chocolate, dates, and ice cream sickly sweet, and fruit and vegetables tasted just sweet enough.

She said, “the program has given me an appreciation for sweet vegetables; sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin and oddly fennel. Sweet potato or pumpkin mashed with a little coconut oil, it’s divine and is a great little afternoon pick-me-up.”

Sarah said the 8-week program has not changed her approach towards fruit. Sarah sees fruit as more than sugar. She sees it as the whole of its nutritional qualities. She personally believes that the nutritional benefits of fruit justify eating 1 – 2 pieces a day.

She said, her philosophy is “just because a banana and a chocolate bar have the same amount of sugar does not give you a license to eat chocolate. There are other nutritional benefits at play here.”

Whilst the nutritionists debate the value of fruit in our diet, Sarah’s sweet victory has nothing to do with fruit. Instead, she has conquering her chocolate, ice-cream, and health food treat addiction, and replacing it with a gentle loving awareness of herself.

She concludes “I think the secret to the 8-week program is being really aware and I think you can only gain that self-awareness once you have quit sugar for a little while so you end up taping into the relationship between your mind and your body.”

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