My New E-Book Super-nutrient Smoothies is Here

Today I am releasing my new e-book Super-nutrient Smoothies which is available for download on all major book selling platforms. It is also available via a pdf from this website.

product - Super-Nutrients Smoothies

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Super-nutrient Smoothies not only includes 30 delicious high nutrient, low histamine, detoxifying recipes, but also can be adapted to suit your bio-individual dietary needs.

The book has not only a basic smoothie formula, but also extensive substitution charts, and tips and tricks, for delicious super-nutrient smoothies.


I am a board certified holistic health coach, who specialises in helping women with histamine intolerances, drug inflammation, and chronic fatigue syndrome achieve good health and wellbeing.

My passion for health is founded in overcoming my own health challenges. I have had histamine intolerance most of my life, and developed mast-cell activation, after an adverse reaction to medication.

When unable to tolerate supplements or medication, I set about using food as medicine, to reverse the affects of adverse drug reactions. Super-nutrient smoothies form an integral part of my dietary supplementation. Today I am symptom free.



Alison has gone all out here to present a jam packed resources full of wonderful and creative smoothie recipes specifically tailor to suit low histamine diets. I don’t know of another resource like this, it is one of a kind and real boost for people on restrictive diets, opening up a world of diversity. Alison delivers her experience, research and knowledge in a beautifully set out book that will inspire you to start creating your own recipes. Enjoy!

Zoe Sherrin, naturopath, Living Health – Natural Medicine

This book uses creative combinations of healthy ingredients to give you recipes that are outside the box. Those on a low histamine diet will surely rejoice. Finally – exciting, delicious food they can eat!

Jules Galloway, naturopath,

Available on

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  • chrissy

    I have had histamine issues, like yourself, most of my life. At the beginning of this year I had a very severe reaction to 5 B12 injections culminating in chronic hives, night sweats, flushing, bladder pain, chronic insomnia and acid reflux. It is 100% related to these injections as symptoms came on immediately after injection no. 5. I am on H1 and h2 blockers and following s low histamine and gluten free diet. These have helped, but not eliminate my symptoms. I have started juicing and blending 2 weeks ago to try and heal my damaged body. How lond did it take you before you started noticing any improvement. Thank you for your wonderful blog and site which I hope can help me recover.