Nervous System Repair

November 24, 2015  |  Blog, Chronic Fatigue, Histamine Intolerance

Nervous system repair has been critical in my healing journey from histamine intolerance and mast-cell activation.

With mast-cell activation there is often an adrenal component where cortisol becomes dysregulated. I will shortly write a lot more about this.

Since I acquired mast-cell activation disorder, I have intuitively known that I was suddenly stress intolerant, and that I needed to purposefully balance my nervous system.

At first I did that by grounding myself in nature. Then I met Kylian.

Her work is based on putting your body into postures where you have no alternative but to rest. And my body loves it and responds with the release of feel good chemicals.

Its a little difficult to explain, as you almost need to feel it for yourself, so I recorded this spur of the moment video. Its a little spur of the moment and off the cuff so be kind! I’m no Graham Norton!

In this video Kylian shares a little about her journey, the work, and how to create an environment for cellular repair.

What I know for sure, is that once the histamine trigger is identified and removed, creating the optimal epigenetic environment for healing is important. Rest is a critical part of that and yet so difficult in this world. For me Kylian’s work has been a game-changer.

If you want to know more about The Kylian Method  check her out. Her work is profound.

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  • Vonda Mathers

    As usual Kylian, your work calls me. When I saw your FB promotion of your business/work I wasn’t looking for you, but I found you anyway. ???? Living in Victoria, I am not anywhere near Byron, but I believe that the universe was showing me that I needed to meet you. Given that I had already experienced Byron and had come to see/feel it as my ‘home’, it wasn’t long afterward coming across your FB page that I was able to visit and meet you in person.
    It would be fair to say, that on that day, I knew that you would be one of the people I could trust to help me ‘let go’ and move forward towards a healthy mind and heaithy body. Although I have not progressed far physically since the last time I saw you in Melbourne (I am still in the grips of complex regional pain syndrome) I have been working hard…emotionally… towards my goal of reclaiming my ‘voice’, which I lost when I was 2 yrs old. My childhood was lost to dark secrets that threatened to hurt the people I loved if I said anything. I was passed from one to another many times, until when I was 14 …then it stopped. My whole 15th year of life succumbed to a total breakdown, there was nothing more they could take… I was more than willing to check out of life. I had seen enough, experienced too much and I didn’t see myself as worth keeping.
    It has taken 30 more years to finally get to this point in time. Where I know that there is more, that I deserve more and that I am more. Now I want to fight for more and I will succeed in doing so.
    So Kylian, it might take some years, but nothing is going to stop me now. I know that you will be a vital part of this journey I am on… and I hope that it will be sooner rather than later. Until then… Thank you for showing me that it can be done ????

    • Hello Vonda! thankyou for sharing how connected you are to yourself and this work. I am so glad you have found Kylian’s work and I hope that it helps in finding your bliss. I am sure Kylian will see this too.

    • Hi Vonda!
      I only just saw this comment of yours here in depths of Alison’s amazing blog. Thank you so much, and yes I still remember our first meeting, and working with you in Melbourne.
      Your story is one of survival and triumph. I see you returning to vitality and I love your determination and deep commitment – to showing up for yourself with loving kindness… ?

  • Niamh Gallagher

    Thanks, Alison. I love the sound of Kylian’s work – it sounds exactly what I need! Am off to look her up…:)

  • Jane

    Well, this all sounded very promising…until I found out the price. Double take…heart sink…then anger. Yet again another therapy for the priveleged. Why is it that the therapies needed the most by people very unwell, are so expensive? It’s so very off putting. I have severe CFS, can’t work, completely broke all the time, and spending whatever we can scrape together for various essential supplements to keep me from being bedridden. A few months ago I came across another promising therapy – I was keen – until I was told it would cost over $7,000. Again, the anquish…then the bitterness.
    How about an effective treatment that is available to all, especially the ones that are so sick they can’t earn? ?