Nourished : Over 30 Delicious Low Histamine Soups

Today I am releasing my new ebook Nourished : Over 30 Delicious Low Histamine Soups which is available for download on all major book selling platforms.




Nourished contains over 30 delicious low histamine soup recipes, using a plant-centric style of cooking, to create delicious flavours naturally.

All recipes can be adapted to suit any bio-individual diet, and includes extensive substitution charts, including a wide range of non-stock options.


I am a board certified holistic health coach, who specialises in helping women with histamine intolerances, drug inflammation, and chronic fatigue syndrome achieve good health and wellbeing.

My passion for health is founded in overcoming my own health challenges. I have had histamine intolerance most of my life, and developed mast-cell activation, after an adverse reaction to medication.

When unable to tolerate supplements or medication, I set about using food as medicine, to reverse the affects of adverse drug reactions. Today I am symptom free.


This is not your usual cookbook. Alison Vickery explores the different vegetable and herb families and then gives you a basic soup recipe that ensures great flavor and quality nutrition every time. Great for the basic first time cook or a lover of food who wants to learn some more, this book is packed with essential information. Each recipe I tried was easy to follow and easy to substitute when ingredients weren’t available or changed by choice. I followed most of the recipes exactly because the combination of ingredients challenged my palette and opened my eyes to a different mix than I would normally use, lots for the family to enjoy. This book packs in more than most and is definitely value for money. Jeni Cavanagh

I was diagnosed with one too many things, no idea what to eat anymore, and then downloaded your e-book ‘Nourished’ and I’m so grateful and excited to see food I actually WANT to eat in it! (soups are my fave!) I especially love that you’ve shown how to make your own stock cubes! Tina Ali-Bonham


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  • Jack Cowie

    I just bought the book Nourished. In many of the recipes, you call for “stock (liquid)”. What “stock”? I thought boxed or canned stock develops histamine because it is not fresh. I am I wrong, or are they safe?
    Thanks, Jack

    • Hi Jack – thanks for purchasing my book! On page 10 I explain that

      Throughout these recipes I have used the term “stock” but you can choose from the liquid substitutes list.

      I understand that people at various stages of their healing journey and may not be able to tolerate stock. There is a list of options in the back of the book.


      • Jack Cowie

        I made the Chunky Root Vegetable Pistou with Celery Leaves Fennel Fronds and Parsley Leaves last night with the Italian Stock. It was fantastic! I froze what I didn’t eat to protect against aging and histamine build up. I am SO happy to have found a soup that doesn’t hurt me. THANK YOU!

        • My pleasure; I am so glad you enjoyed it. I love the herb stock cubes. I also use them not only for soups but for stews. Enjoy!

  • George Alland

    How many of the recipe’s are suitable for vegetarians?

    • I don’t recommend a vegetarian diet. Having said that you can always make these with vegetable stock or water with added fat. There are only a few that have animal protein in them. Most are vegetable based. I hope that helps.