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The Paleo Diet (and How I’m Doing it Low Histamine)

April 16, 2014  |  Blog, Histamine Intolerance  |  11 Comments

I don’t really do diets, but I sort of have calmly, and slowly, evolved into a Paleo Diet, that has been one of the keys to my recovery.

I am sharing an overview of the Paleo Diet, how I’m doing it low histamine, and how it lowered my histamine burden.


Before we start I am not trying to convince you that a Paleo Diet is right for you. Everyone has his or her own bio- individuality. Mine just happens to be Paleo.

Histamine intolerance is also not a diagnosis but a symptom. My diagnosis might be different to yours. I have had mine all my life. There is an infographic here about this.

That’s why your body (and the way it feels after eating a food) trumps anything I say, or any diet rules, or any food list. Your body knows best. And do seek the advice of your healthcare professional. My diet is endorsed by my immunologist.

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Histamine Intolerance Infographic

This is a histamine intolerance infographic which will form the road-map for future posts.

The infographic uses the research paper of Maintz and Novak on Histamine and Histamine Intolerance here, which has over 195 citations, and the congruent summary on the International Society of DAO Deficiency here.

It is intended to be a summary of the concensus view on histamine intolerance which will form the basis of my future posts. Make sure to like my facebook page, or sign up for the newsletter, so as not to miss these posts.

One of the key takeaways from this infographic is that histamine intolerance can best be seen as a symptom that is attributable to a multitude of diseases.

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How To Read Your 23andMe Results

How To Read Your 23andMe Results


Genetic testing has become very popular with bio-medical patients who typically have idiosyncratic chronic symptoms. This is where genetic testing comes into its own as it tests for idiosyncratic genes.

Many useful genetic tests are available within Australia but not readily accessible to a patient. This means 23andMe provides a viable option to “reverse engineer” genetic data, until genetic testing is more readily accessible.

A basic level of understanding of genetics is needed in order to read your 23andMe results. I recently met with Professor Sheffield, one of Australia’s leading geneticists, and he kindly gave me a lesson in genetics. Based on his explanation I hope to simplify genetics to empower you to read your 23andMe results.

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Detox your moisturizer

Detox Your Moisturiser

Detox your moisturizer
February 26, 2014  |  Blog, Histamine Intolerance  |  No Comments

I sometimes think of myself as a human test-tube. If you want to know what is skin-kind ask someone with a hyper-sensitivity disorder. Here I share how to detox your moisturiser.

In 2008, when I could not tolerate mass-market skincare, I launched one of the first natural anti-ageing skincare brands, which was wildly successful here in Australia. I soon realised I was not alone and women wanted natural skincare products that worked.

What I also found out was that skincare was not about the skin. Marketing had made it about an affordable treat to make us feel rather than look good. It was an emotional solution.

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