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Liver and Histamine Intolerance

What if this was about the liver?

What if this was about the liver?

At the moment it is very trendy to see leaky gut as the cause of all evils. Don’t get me wrong the gut is extremely important, and gut dysbiosis is a significant source of histamines, but histamine intolerance is a symptom with many causes.

Personally, supporting the gut only got me so far. Supporting the liver has got me close to the end-game.

I have dramatically improved my histamine tolerance, and put my mast-cell activation type symptoms into remission, and dropped by 2/3rds my inflammation markers, by supporting my liver.

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anti-depressants, brain fog, and histamine intolerance connection

The Anti-depressant, Brain Fog, and Histamine Intolerance Connection

November 20, 2014  |  Blog, Drug Intolerance, Histamine Intolerance  |  21 Comments

The anti-depressant, brain fog, and histamine intolerance connection, is another poorly understood area.

Drug intolerances are extremely common with histamine intolerance yet there is still much that is not known. Does histamine intolerance result in drug intolerance, or do drug intolerances trigger histamine intolerance in some people? We simply do not know.

We do know that:

Beyond that there is still much work to be done. In the absence of clinical trials, we are left with clinical observations of medical professionals, working on the cutting edge in clinical practice.

This post looks at the medical hypothesis of Professor David Healy, a psychiatrist, and psycho-pharmacologist, with an active interest in adverse drug reactions to psychotropic drugs. Here are some of his interesting clinical observations relevant to histamine intolerance:

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The CYP450 Medication, Inflammation, and Histamine Connection

The CYP450 Medication, Inflammation, and Histamine Connection

I have been wanting to write for some time on the CYP450 medication, inflammation, and histamine connection, as this information has been so important in my own pathway to recovery.

My story

I have had histamine intolerance all my life, but developed mast cell activation disorder, when put onCYP450 mediated (and in particular CYP2D6 related medication).

Simplistically, I have CYP2D6 genetic mutation, which pushed my body into oxidative stress, that resulted in chronic inflammation markers (mine were c-reactive protein, and ceruloplasmin).

There are many paths to histamine intolerance and mast-cell activation disorder and my path is just one of them. Medication intolerances, however, are extremely common once firmly on that pathway.

There are a number of reasons why medication may be problematic with histamine intolerance, and I am only addressing one of them, which is the CYP450 medication, inflammation, and histamine connection

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