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Drug Tolerance Testing and Why You Should Not Use Online Report Readers

December 1, 2015  |  Blog, Drug Intolerance, Histamine Intolerance  |  4 Comments

One of my promises to myself is to raise awareness of drug tolerance testing.

I have freely shared my story on national television, which was that I developed mast-cell activation, in response to an adverse drug reaction to prescription medication. A simple $149 drug tolerance test called DNA Dose correctly diagnosed me.

That is why I am passionate about drug tolerance testing. But this is why it may be important for you.

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Bio-individual Inhibitors of Histamine IntoleranceBio-individual Inhibitors of Histamine Intolerance

A Bio-Individual List of Histamine Inhibitors

This blog post outlines a list of bio-individual histamine inhibitors. It is a companion post for my previous post on the bio-individual triggers of histamine intolerance.

Histamines are a natural chemical in plants, animals, and humans. The body needs histamines to perform critical functions.

The body was designed to be in a state of homeostasis so that the supply of histamine meets the body’s metabolic needs.

Excessive amounts of histamine are normally de-activated by diamine oxidase (DAO), histamine methyl transferase (HNMT), and monoamine oxidase (MAO).

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Glutathione: A List of the Most Potent Inhibiting and Inducing Anti-oxidant Foods and Bioactives

Glutathione: A List of the Most Potent Inhibiting and Inducing Anti-oxidant Foods and Bioactives

July 2, 2015  |  Blog, Drug Intolerance  |  1 Comment

This post on glutathione: a list of the most potent inhibiting and inducing anti-oxidant foods and bioactives, is a companion to CYP450 Enzymes: A Complete List of the Most Potent Inhibiting and Inducing Foods and Bioactives.

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know that glutathione is to me what turmeric or quercetin is to others. I can literally feel a dramatic difference in my health and wellbeing.

Whilst it has become abundantly clear to me that the trigger of my mast cell activation was CYP450 mutations (a Phase 1 Liver issue) and prescription medication (which resulted in a toxic shock due to the CYP450 mutation), it is also abundantly clear to me that my body laps up glutathione and anti-oxidants.

Why? Because glutathione and anti-oxidants are critical to detoxification.

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anti-depressants, brain fog, and histamine intolerance connection

The Anti-depressant, Brain Fog, and Histamine Intolerance Connection

November 20, 2014  |  Blog, Drug Intolerance, Histamine Intolerance  |  21 Comments

The anti-depressant, brain fog, and histamine intolerance connection, is another poorly understood area.

Drug intolerances are extremely common with histamine intolerance yet there is still much that is not known. Does histamine intolerance result in drug intolerance, or do drug intolerances trigger histamine intolerance in some people? We simply do not know.

We do know that:

Beyond that there is still much work to be done. In the absence of clinical trials, we are left with clinical observations of medical professionals, working on the cutting edge in clinical practice.

This post looks at the medical hypothesis of Professor David Healy, a psychiatrist, and psycho-pharmacologist, with an active interest in adverse drug reactions to psychotropic drugs. Here are some of his interesting clinical observations relevant to histamine intolerance:

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