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Glutathione : Reverse Your Inflammation

Glutathione : Reverse Your Inflammation

I have had histamine intolerance (and specifically DAO deficiency) all my life. Until my 40s it was just inconvenient. Then it became chronic.

My auto-immune system became “hysterical.” I started having reactions to more and more foods, and then a banquet of environmental toxins, that glutathione plays a crucial role in detoxifying.

I was intolerant to vitamin c, and to quercetin, which acted as pro-oxidants (rather than as anti-oxidants), at even tiny levels in my toxic body. It turns out that glutathione is a master anti-oxidant that regulates these anti-oxidants.

I was also intolerant to all methylation donors. Methylation involves four interlocking, conversion processes; folate, methylation, B12, and glutathione that are important to detoxification.

According to Dr Ben Lynch, the glutathione cycle is the most important of these cycles. Until glutathione depletion is addressed all other methylation interventions are futile.

Also I had chronic acute inflammation markers which were “off the charts” including ceruloplasmin (which regulates copper), c-reactive protein, and metabolic markers. I put on 30 kilos in about 6 weeks in response to inflammation.

It turns out, a glutathione deficiency, was driving my chronic symptoms.

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