Tossed : Over 30 Delicious Low Histamine Salads

Today I am releasing my new ebook Tossed : Over 30 Delicious Low Histamine Salads which is available for download on all major book selling platforms.

Tossed Over 30 Delicious Low Histamine Salad Recipes

About The Book

Tossed contains over 30 delicious low histamine salad recipes. In Tossed I use a plant-centric style of cooking to create delicious flavours naturally.

All recipes can be adapted to suit any bio-individual diet, and include extensive substitution charts, together with a wide range of low histamine salad dressing options.

About Me

I am a board certified Holistic Health Coach who specialises in helping women with histamine imbalance, chronic food intolerance, drug inflammation and chronic fatigue syndrome to live better lives.

As a life-long sufferer of histamine intolerance, I have made it my mission to seek out the world’s leading experts on histamine intolerance, and apply the results of their research, into a functional health care model, that brings about real and lasting change in the lives of those affected by the condition.

What People Are Saying

As someone who lives with an autoimmune disease, it is incredibly encouraging to see a resource such as Tossed. This is not just a recipe guide to delicious salads, but also a wealth of food education.  Alison offers options and substitutions throughout, so that anyone is able to make suitable food choices.  Tossed is an easy to follow, excellent guide for Food as Medicine and eating for health, as well as for those simply who wish to eat healthy. Tonya Tecca Gizewiski

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  • lorettarox

    Alison, do you have (or know of) any recipes that ALSO follow the autoimmune paleo protocol (AIP)? Many AIP recipes are high histamine, so I’m looking for both. Thank you! :O)

    • My books contain substitution tables so that you can adapt the recipes. They are also mostly paleo. I am afraid I do not know any books specifically AIP and low histamine. I hope that helps.

  • Lynn Morris

    This thread is a little old, but didn’t know how to reach you, Alison. I was hoping to purchase some of your recipe ebooks, but the website won’t put them in the cart. I live in USA, so wondering if you don’t accept payments outside of Australia. Could you let me know? Thx. Terri (Lynn)

    • Hi Terri I am sorry to hear of the difficulties in purchasing my ebooks. I definately accept payments from outside Australia so that should not be a problem. Can you tell me please which books you are trying to purchase and I can send you the link. I sell my books via Gumroad and Payhip.

      • Lynn Morris

        Thanks for the quick response Alison, I have been busy with the holidays so it’s taken a while to get back! I was interested in the Tossed and Nourished ebooks to purchase. Do you happen to take PayPal? I will see about signing up for Gumroad or Payhip if paypal doesn’t work out. Thanks again for your reply.

        • Hi Lynne
          Yes both are via paypal.
          Please try these links:


          Thankyou and I hope you enjoy the books. with thanks Alison

          • Lynn Morris

            Hi Alison- I ordered both books and they are great! Finally some food ideas to eat. I’m looking forward to trying the salad dressings for sure! I love how you wrote the books for variations like the soup seasoning cubes to add to change up the dishes!! Thanks so much for meeting the needs of lots of us who are really struggling with diet. The photos in the books are beautiful….did you do the photography yourself? Also, if I could put in request, I would like to see a book on just the general basics of histamine intolerance/mast cell activation do’s and don’t. Just a suggestion. Thanks again for your hard work!

          • Hello Lynne thankyou so much for your kind words. I am finalising another book now on sauces and then I intend to write a book on the basics. I dont know where the time goes!

  • Christie Inge

    Do the dressings in this book contain citrus or vinegars?