Zeolite Binds Histamines

August 15, 2017  |  Blog, Histamine Intolerance

Over the last year or so, I have been using zeolite rather than prescription medication, to successfully detoxify mold, only to find that in addition to mold, zeolite binds histamines providing another way to neutralize excess histamines in the gastrointestinal tract.


Zeolite is a natural clay-like substance, that has a honeycomb-like structure, that absorbs into its pores, selective ingredients including excess histamine.

Zeolite Binds Histamine

Histamine Intolerance

The human body is designed to process or deactivate histamines by using diamine oxidase enzymes to alter histamines so they cannot be reabsorbed in the intestinal mucosa.

Diamine oxidase (DAO) enzymes in the intestinal tracts chemically alter histamines or deactivate them so they cannot be reabsorbed and circulate throughout the body.

However, that process is limited. When there is too little diamine oxidase being made, or too many histamines circulating, the body cannot keep up with demand.

However, Zeolite jumps over that limitation. It simply binds up histamine in the gastrointestinal tract, hides histamine away from the body in its porous cavities, and directly eliminates it via the stool. It bypasses the DAO, HNMT, and MAO regulatory systems altogether.

As it works on the gastrointestinal tracts it does not address histamine in the blood which is a marker of methylation issues.

Here are just a few of the ways that zeolite has been found to help histamine degradation.

High Histamine Foods

Digested histamines are strongly bound to zeolite when zeolite powder is consumed within 30 minutes of food. Indeed, studies show that up to 82% of ingested histamines are bound.


A small human study has demonstrated that zeolite significantly reduces the effects of alcohol consumption (but not blood alcohol levels).

Diamine Oxidase

A small animal study found zeolite was protective of diamine oxidase levels and intestinal barrier function.

Leaky Gut

A substantial human study of zeolite supplementation found a 30% improvement in zonulin (a marker of intestinal integrity). There was no significant change in the status of key nutrients.

A 2017 animal study, also found that zeolite resulted in significant improvements in the gut villus (height, perimeter, section area) in the gut mucosa.

There is evidence that zeolite reinforces or coats the mucosal barrier to protect it from the toxic effects of drugs and toxins.

Digestive Enzymes

The same 2017 animal study, found that there was a significant increase in digestive enzymes and nutrient absorption.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Leaky gut is thought to be a crucial step in the development of inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

A 2018 animal study, found that zeolite reduced gut inflammation and that an inflamed gut can be exposed to zeolite for a prolonged period without it being absorbed into the cells.


The outer cell wall of gram-negative bacteria contains pro-inflammatory lipopolysaccharides which are known to activate mast-cells.

In an animal study, zeolite acted as an anti-inflammatory, preventing lipopolysaccharides from stimulating a variety of inflammatory markers, and regulating the immune system.

This improvement may be due to the lowering of chronic infections (see below) or improvement in the intestinal mucosa.

Other Health Benefits of Zeolite

A side benefit of zeolite is that it is a smart detoxifier of;Zeolite Histamine

  • Heavy metals (other binders can be more selective),
  • Free radicals,
  • Viruses,
  • Some pathogenic bacteria, Escherichia coliBacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, 
  • Fungal toxins,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Bile acids, and
  • Glucose.

Zeolite is a smart detoxifier as it does not absorb essential minerals (such a zinc, calcium, or magnesium) and amino acids, rather it absorbs selective ingredients including histamine. It is same for long-term use.

How To Use Zeolite

There are many types of zeolite in nature. Not all forms of zeolite work in the same way, because of their size, chemical structure, or purity.

The products that I have used are Lava Vitae Zeolite, Zeolith MED, and Biopure Zeo Bind (which Dr. Klinghardt recommends including for mold detoxification).

These brands have products available in powder (generally more economical – and can address histamines in the small intestine as well) and capsules which pass through the small intestine.

When using the powder, it is important to use a wooden or plastic spoon to stir the zeolite, as a metal one can change its charge, making it less effective at pulling out toxins.

Needless to say, it is also important to ensure that any constipation is resolved or managed. Having bound up the histamine, it needs to be excreted, otherwise, it will be reabsorbed.


Zeolite has become a part of my core protocol, is a core part of Dr. Klinghardt’s protocol, and I am including it more and more in client protocols.

Not only has it a lot of clinical experience in detoxifying histamines but it also has a mounting body of research. It is well tolerated and is virtually tasteless.

Whats more it seems such a simple, almost genius, solution to histamine problems.

Please consult your physician before trialing this product. I am providing this information based on my own exceptional personal experiences and in order for you to open a conversation with your own healthcare provider.

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  • Dina Varano

    Alison, thanks for this information. Amazon is selling this product through a third-party seller in the US. I’ve contacted the seller to ask how they can verify that the product they are selling is manufactured by the original company. Also I’m wondering what you think about this perspective that zeolite products could actually be harmful, adding to heavy-metal toxicity: http://www.naturalnews.com/051805_zeolite_myths_heavy_metals_removal_daily_detox.html#

    Anyway, I may contact you soon to talk about some individual consultation/coaching. I feel that would be helpful to me at this point in my journey. Thanks for all that you’re doing on your blog and elsewhere.

    • Thanks dina you can also purchase the Biopure zeolite in the USA which is the same one Dr Klinghardt uses. Yes I’ve seen that article. Unfortunately, he does not say what types of zeolite he tested. There are many types and many manufacturers. That is why I only use the two brands I listed. I have checked the analysis of these brands and they are not contaminated.

      • Nan Stovall

        Allison, you’ve been using this for a year. Do you notice definite improvement with this?

        • Nan I have used it for over 12 months and detoxified mold with it. I continue to use it today. I am currently in sydney only to find that there was mold in the bathroom and I upped my dosage of zeolite (Im using lavea vita) to bind it.

          • Melissa Peterson

            Hi Alison, great collation of the research and a well written article. Have you used Toxaprevent? Also what dose have you found works for you for a. Histamine detox (prior Food) and b. Mould detox (ongoing)?

          • I only write about things that I personally have used and feel confident with and if it’s not easily available I try to make it available. Toxaprevent ‘s Australian distributed contacted me this morning annoyed with me mentioning their product so I have removed their names and the dosages at their request. Apparently, they are not into self-empowering Australian consumers as I am which is a rather disappointing attitude. Anyway, it is best that you ask your health provider for information. I always start slow and pull it up each day from there. I used Lavea Vitae to detoxify mold and I still take it as it appears I have dental issues (wisdom teeth cavitations). I took a very high dose (and detoxified it rapidly) but built slowly. Its not shoemaker approved but I could not tolerate his protocols and this is part of kilinghardts protocol which worked a treat. Show the research to your practitioner and get them on board.

          • Liz Willner

            hi allison, looking at the BioPure ZeoBind (I am in the US) and it says Zeolite is aluminosilicate. Will that cause more aluminum toxicity or does it all go right through? also, is this the brand you recommend in the US?

          • Yes that’s the brand I recommend in the USA and no it will not cause Aluminium heavy metals. i have ZERO on testing and I have been taking it logn term.

          • Mimi Kelly Johnson

            Thank you very much Alison. As usual your thoughtful research is much appreciated! Have you found any of your clients have been able to stop using some medications for mast cell activation, such as Sodium Cromolyn, when adding in Zeolite? I am not a severe reactor but my doctor put me on Cromolyn anyway in preparation for a parasite protocol because my blood histamine was high (which I tested thanks to your recommendation!)

          • I’m not using zeolite for MCAS necessarily.

          • Mimi Kelly Johnson

            Thanks Alison. Maybe this is another blog for another day, but I get very confused about the difference between histamine intolerance and MCAS? Chris Kresser was recently positing that they were the same thing?? The only reason I was put on cromolyn was because of higher blood histamine. I dont get a lot of mcas symtpoms, only mild heartburn, and I was getting hot flashes before I started intermittent fasting which corrected them. I do sometimes get bladder pain from supplements. But I dont know where that puts me on the MCAS/histamine intolerance spectrum. Do you believe they are the same thing? Thank you!

          • I dont believe they are they are the same thing although I do believe they are on the same continuum.

    • Adrian Ward

      On their website Toxaprevent manufactures say that it is purified zeolite and is enteric coated – should overcome naturalnews concerns.

  • No no experience. My preference is lavea vitea. Ive had very variable experiences with many other brands. The good thing about mold illness is you have an automatic test for detoxification with the mold testing.

  • Take away from probiotics – needs to be taken about 1 – 2 hours away from them. Megasporebiotic is only one probiotic I use and typically as part of an antibacterial or antivirus protocol but that is just me.

  • Please speak to your healthcare practitioner – you may need immune support first.

  • Ava Reyerson

    I’ve been using Toxaprevent capsules for a couple of years now and I swear by it for doing just what it’s supposed to do. I’ve got a genetic intolerance to histamines (among other things) and have found a fair amount of relief just from this. I don’t know if this is a good place to share extras but I also use activated charcoal for the same reason, but I take the charcoal completely away from any food or supplements. The combination has made a difference in how my gut (as well as brain) reacts to the food I eat. I highly recommend zeolite!

  • Different type of zeolite (see the names in the brackets). There are hundreds of different types. That is why the brand matters.

  • Im not sure. Ill let you know if i find something.

  • No experience – sorry.

  • no experience although I have sited dosages. Check with a practitioner.

  • Incorrect. Id heard that rumour too but that has not been my experience or those of my colleagues and there are significant studies showing no changes. Lamprecht, Manfred, et al. “Effects of zeolite supplementation on parameters of intestinal barrier integrity, inflammation, redoxbiology and performance in aerobically trained subjects.” Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 12.1 (2015): 40..

  • you can get it through Biopure; https://biopureus.com/product/zeobind/

  • Martin Iron

    Is zeoheath a good manyfacturer?

    • i have no experience with this brand at all. I only have used the ones I mention.

  • Hi Carol you need to consult your health practitioner as to the dose for you based on your history. It is possible to improve one’s histamine intolerance (if not reverse it as I have) once you identify the root cause. There are several reasons as to why you would not tolerate b vitamins. I used to also not tolerate them and now I do. The missing part is information.

    • Carol Diehl

      Thank you!! I wish I had a practitioner who knew more about it. It was a health practitioner who gave me the B12 — AFTER I’d already had a reaction — it was methyfolate and I didn’t read the label to see taht it was also B12 🙁 . After I went through the roof I looked up reactions to B12 and found out about histamines that way…all my Dr. knows to do is restrict my diet to even fewer items than your list, which I can’t sustain….he wants me to do 23andMe testing for clues….but hopefully the ZeoBind will help! So grateful for your site!!

    • Carol Diehl

      Thank you! I wish I could find a practitioner who is up-to-speed with histamines. They are only able to recommend restricting my diet to a nearly impossible degree — fewer items than on your list — with no promise that it will change anything in the long term. But will let you know if the ZeoBind helps.

      • I would encourage you to identify a functionally trained healthcare practitioner to identify the root cause. Food is not the issue. Zeolite will help with gut related issues but will not help for example if it is methylation related and will not correct an underlying gut infection for example.

  • Deplorable Lake Rebel

    Thank you, Alison, for everything you share with all of us. Blessings.

  • Palome Sage

    I’ve been using Biopure Zeobind for a just over a week now…it’s seriously a miracle product. No taste, no side effects (& I react to everything). It’s hugely reduced my usual histamine reaction from foods. I feel as close to normal as I have in years. Have also been using Mega Sporebiotic as recommended by another of your posts. I think the combination of these two products are healing and helping me dramatically. Thanks for the tips Alison, it’s been a godsend for me after years of struggling.

    • Jessica Katzman

      When do you take the zeolite during the day, and how do you sequence it before/after triggers? Thanks!

  • Joe

    I have tried the Biopure Zeobind powder as well as the Toxaprevent capsules and sachets. The Toxaprevent sachets worked to eliminate my migraines while the Biopure powder actually managed to trigger migraines that I didn’t previously have. I’m not sure of the exact cause, but maybe the Biopure powder is contaminated with mold and has not been as well cleaned as the German products.

    I also recently bought some Zeolith Med ultra fine powder in a 210 gram container. The container was substantially bigger than the 200 gram Biopure Zeobind container. Which means that either the Zeolith Med one contains more air (not true) or that it has been micronised to a finer level (probably true) and that it contains less moisture (possibly true, based on my headaches). I also tried a cheap variety of Zeolite bought on eBay. That had the same effect (migraine) as the Biopure Zeobind. So of the four different zeolites I’ve bought, I’ve tried three. Two have caused migraines and one (Toxaprevent) has cured them.

    The Toxaprevent products also contain Dolomite, which is basically calcium and magnesium. I’m not sure if that’s why the Toxaprevent is working better for me than the other brands. I’m already supplementing with magnesium glycinate, so in theory I should already be getting enough magnesium. According to testing, I don’t have an MTHFR genetic problem, but somehow the Toxaprevent works better for me.

    I’ll try the Zeolith Med powder and see if it helps or causes migraines.

  • Byfelice

    Hi Alison,
    I have a question. I know vitamin C is a great thing to help with histamine issues and I was going to purchase the Optimal vitamin C Liposomal by Seeking Health …I am noticing the ingredients contain sunflower oil, natural flavors, glycerin and potassium sorbate…are these safe for sensitive histamine patients like me?

    • TJ Bryan

      I am also wondering about this as well. Thank you

    • Sue

      Hi Alison, I am new to this group, however I just wanted u to know I had the worst histamine attack i have ever had last night after eating some sunflower butter. I forgot to check and see if it contained histamine. I eat other butters, but when I checked after the fact, well OMG..Just wanted u to know

  • Tanya

    Claudio have you tried using this zeolite? I ask because I am also in Canada and would love to have a more accessible local source ? Thanks.

    • Anne Pemberton

      Hi Tanya, I guess you either tried this already or gave up without feedback. I love it! I use it for my ASD children with amazing results that can be seen on live blood cell analysis. It doesnt seen to bind the gut histamine up as good as the Toxaprevent we use in the UK or as good as Chris Shade’s. However, I had a severe histamine reaction to a herbal toothpaste that contained lots of cinnamon. I used the spray hourly x 4 to eradicate the symptoms (I had the entire list) and after the 4 I was fully functioning again. the last time this happened I ended up with pneumonia so you can see the difference. I think its the one thats better for cell membranes. I hope this helps. A x

  • TJ Bryan

    Hello, I was wondering if you knew if Restore had the same effect as zeolite on histamine…..I already have a bottle of it and was wondering if it acted similarly to zeolite. Thank you

    • Fundamentally different means of operation. Zeolite binds the endotoxins and hides them from your cells. Restore aims to repair the damage done by the endotoxins to the gut.

      • TJ Bryan

        So to get maximum effect I could take both?

        • not necessarily – youlll need to speak to your health practitioner.

  • Sue

    Allison, I am signed up for your newsletters and downloads, but I never receive them. I cannot access the downloads either as they say I am already signed up. Please advise. I am in the U.S. in Chicago, Illinois. Where can I get zeolite? I was just diagnosed with this awful disease. My gut is killing me 24/7. Any suggestions anyone? Thank u so much. I have been in pain for 3 years. I have lost 30 pounds and cannot eat as I am in so much pain and always nauseated.

    • It says you subscribed to the newsletter on 12 November 2017., and requested the food list on Nov 04, 2017 . The food list is automatically emailed out when you subscribe so it would be best to check your spam. You can get zeolite from Biopure in the USA. https://biopureus.com.

      • Sue

        Hi Allison, no info in my spam folder either. Also when I try to log in to my account it says there is no account with that email?? How could that be if u emailed me? Regardless, I never received ANYTHING. Do I sign up again?
        Also am waiting for all my blood work, however my gut burns all the time from histamine and IBS and stress. Any recommendations for gut burning? I had a horrible attack last night which has only made it worse? Please advise on all the above. Thank u very much!

        • Hi, Sue, the only way to receive the info is via an email to sign up again using a different email. I am not able to give you advice as you are not my client and it would be reckless of me to do so.

          • Sue

            Perhaps there is a glitch in the system somewhere? I get these posts via my email??? Is that not strange? Or perhaps I this comment section works differently. Please advise and thank u for your professionalism!

          • Hi, Sue, this is a different system. I am not sure what is happening .

          • Sue

            Thank u. So can u send me the downloads? I am not getting any newsletters either, but just the posts?? Sorry to bother u. So, actually I had no access to this forum until u replied to my question. So I am not being notified of posts either. As I said when I go to sign in, that my email is already being used? Could I drop out and join again. If so, how can that b done? Thank u.

  • Sherif Sid Ahmed

    Hello Alison,
    Is it safe to give Zeolite to patients with low DAO enzymes and very high Beta Glucuronidase (2850 U/ml) on a GI Map test result? Or will the toxins get reabsorbed? An option is to supplement with Calcium D Glucarate. Thanx.

    • Yes. The high beta-glucuronidase is typically due to endotoxins in the gut. The zeolite binds them.