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Promotes the body’s natural detoxification process whilst supporting antioxidant defenses.

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The unique characteristic of PectaSol-C® modified citrus pectin versus other pectins is its low molecular weight.

This allows it to pass through the intestinal barrier and work systemically, where it has the potential to bind to low levels of heavy metals from everyday, mild environmental exposure and facilitates their excretion.

Modified citrus pectin does not appear to alter the excretion of other minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

Chlorella has a long history of traditional use in supporting the body’s natural detoxification process, particularly helping to regulate everyday heavy metal exposure and distribution in tissues.

Sulforaphane, from broccoli sprout concentrate, promotes Nrf2-mediated signaling. Nrf2 controls the expression of numerous genes responsible for detoxification and protection against oxidative stress. As part of a cysteine-rich metal-binding protein, zinc exhibits similar properties.

Studies suggest that selenium binds to mercury, potentially reducing the biological availability of mercury, while n-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC) promotes urinary excretion of methyl-mercury.

In addition, NAC provides essential support for detoxification by maintaining glutathione concentrations. L-Methionine also plays a role in the liver’s glutathione production and phase II detoxification pathways.

Preclinical studies suggest that alpha-lipoic acid promotes the biliary excretion of inorganic mercury and may help moderate-heavy metal-induced oxidative stress.


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